What are Stacks in Adobe XD?

A newer feature to explore

Photo by Iva Rajović on Unsplash

Simply because it lacks the powerful real time collaboration capabilities of Figma, Adobe XD has become my second go-to prototyping tool (sorry, Sketch). Its Component States, Repeat Grid, and quick prototyping tools make it one of the easiest tools to use. I noticed that XD recently added a new feature: Stack. What is Stacks all about?

Stack sits right within the Layout section

Stack allows you to swap different objects in a group with one another, and they “snap” together on top of or beside one another — like objects in a stack. I could see this being useful for objects in a list, or a row, where objects might need to switched around to test different placements.

Swapping feature descriptions quickly using Stack

An ideal workflow to create a list or row of identical items would probably consist of using Repeat Grid to create the objects, then customizing them, then Stack to reorder if needed. I can definitely see the utility of using Stack for quick layout changes, as long as the padding and spacing of elements is also easily adaptable.

Overall, Stack didn’t impress me as much as Component States or Repeat Grid did, but it’s still a cool feature! Maybe I just need more time to get acclimated with it.

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