How might we create a better moving experience: Part 3

Competitive Analysis

Note that many of the “moving app” suggestions I encountered were for apps focused on real estate, moving services, or truck rentals. I focused specifically on finding apps that assisted with packing, organizing, unpacking, and tracking belongings.

Move Advisor Home page

Move Advisor

First up is MoveAdvisor. This app helps users create a home inventory, then estimate how many boxes and what supplies they’ll need for the move.

Home Inventory Across Devices

Home Inventory

Home Inventory isn’t specifically intended for moving, but it can be used to keep track items. Users can snap a picture of an item, label it, add additional information, and categorize it.


Last but not least: Sortly, the app I had used once. Similar concept as Home Inventory — snap a picture of the item and organize it accordingly. Also includes QR code scanning for items and boxes (purchased separately).

Concluding Thoughts

While Sortly seems like the best bet at a robust organizational tool to use during moving, I can’t help but wonder whether we can do better? While it does offer some very useful functionality, at the end of the day — it’s essentially an organized and searchable photo album. This competitive analysis essentially shows that there’s still quite a bit of room left for innovation in this space.



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