Adobe XD Challenge: Smartwatch

Trying a whole new canvas

This week, I went with an entirely different device for my UX challenge: the small and mighty smartwatch. Typically used for its time telling and activity tracking abilities, the smartwatch is among the smallest interfaces that designers must consider.

This Behance challenge incorporated practice with a smartwatch-sized artboard, as well as the polygon tool.

Thinking about a smartwatch UI can be very simple, or difficult — depends how you look at it. The one rule to keep in mind: a smartwatch can only handle one action per screen. So that means the user can only look at 1 type of information, or make use of 1 or 2 CTAs. Typeface sizes and touch targets are also important constraints.

With that said — on to the smartwatch! The example is designed as an activity tracking app, with different badges for accomplishments.

Each badge is represented by a different shape — that’s where the polygon tool comes in. With the polygon tool, you can create various star, heart, and other shapes. You can give them rounded points, or sharp edges. Pretty cool, and would be useful for quickly inserting basic icons (or even creating a custom icon set).

The polygon tool will definitely be a keeper for my Adobe XD toolkit!

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