Adobe XD Challenge: Anchor Links

Prototyping a Scrolling Interaction

One of this week’s Behance challenges for Adobe XD involved learning how to create anchor links. Anchor links quickly bring users to a different part of the page without scrolling (ex. a “Back to Top” button that brings users to the top navigation). They are commonly used on long pages to prevent scroll fatigue and improve findability of desired information.

The anchor link interaction was created using Adobe XD’s native prototyping features.

The “View Post” button is set to “Scroll to” the “Recent Posts” header — and that’s it! This was a very easy interaction to prototype. This type of Scroll To interaction isn’t possible in Figma, typically my UX tool of choice. As I learn more about Adobe XD’s features, I can see that the prototyping functionalities are actually very useful and help create sophisticated and realistic prototypes.

This one is also definitely a keeper for my prototyping toolkit. Thanks to the Behance challenge for teaching us about new and interesting Adobe XD features!

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